Saturday, February 15, 2014

FINALLY! Completing My Dish Collection... Almost

I was finally able to get out to Dillard's and take a look at the dish collection that we picked out when my husband and I got married. We've been married over two years... with an incomplete set of dishes! Gasp! We have been using a modge-podge collection of mismatched hand-me-down dishes, and honestly probably still will even though we have our fancy ones. We picked the Artimino Tuscan Countryside collection, and I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes the set! I already had a few pieces that we received as wedding gifts, plus a couple of peices I purchased since the wedding, but we still needed some. Lucky for me, Dillard's had a pretty awesome sale going on. Lots of stuff 50% off regular price PLUS an additional 50% off. This included the to-die-for cake stand that I drooled over when I was registering for the dishes way back when. I didn't even register for it then, because I didn't want to ask anyone to drop $120 for a cake stand. But today, I got to haul that baby home for $30. Yep, I nearly skipped out the door over that steal. I also tortured my loving husband by insisting he help me pick which three canisters to buy. Three large? Two medium and a small? One of each? Solid colors or the ones with print? He is such a champ, moving the various canisters around about 57 times to see what combinations I liked best. He's a keeper. Finally decided on the canisters, and also grabbed a few more salad plates that we needed, as well as a few mugs. The cake stand was the only one with the 50% off plus 50% more off deal, but the others were buy four get one free, so I feel like this shopping trip was a pretty good success. I'm still short a couple of peices, but I'll pick them up another day. Now to try and decide on where my new kitchen treasures shall live!